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Mistral’s existence, is due to the vision of one man, Peter Brockhaus, instrumental in popularising the Windsurfer® produced by Ten Cate in Almelo Holland.

n 1976, he concluded the sport required a different design and lifestyle philosophy offered by the American brand.

Teaming with a reputable manufacturer in equal partnership the newly named Mistral, would become the world’s first lifestyle brand, assisted by the vision of fashion designer, Christian Muller-Kittnau. Ernstfried Prade, had originally been commissioned to take a lead in board and product design and within two years, Brockhaus signed up Rick Naish in Hawaii, as Mistral’s primary designer and the legacy of the Naish family connection remains.

Today, the colourful 80s water sports lifestyle remain central to the brand, supported by a talented R&D Team and a global network of licensees.

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