Windsurfing Lessons

Windsurfing Lessons

Our new home at Telstar beach in the Netherlands.

We specialize in private windsurfing lessons, couples windsurfing lessons and board and equipment rentals.

We teach windsurfing at our epic local spot at Telstar Beach, Netherlands, in a flat water lagoon home to consistent winds and butter flat water.

“Come and try our classic boards and sails – there’s a fit for everyone!”

• Bespoke 1-1 lessons.
• FUN couples lessons.
• Perfect for beginners or the more advanced.
• Up your skillset with advanced coaching.

Get in touch with us and rent a classic board, fully setup for the daily conditions!

Shop for classic Mistral boards, accessories, windsurfing lessons, board rentals, apparel, repairs, parts and complete board customisations.